Music Is Part of Life

Thing back to almost any memory you have had in your life and most likely there was a song or bit of music that would remind you of that time.  Isn’t if funny how hearing a song can trigger memories from our life.  This is especially powerful during our youth when many of us listened to more music.  When we are young we don’t have other memories such as which job we were at or when our children were born to gage memories.  So much fills that bill in our youth.  You can ask almost anyone and they can tell you the songs they listened to back when they were a teenager.

Songs attach to our  memories of great importance.  Thing about weddings, funerals, both happy and sad times connect to songs/music.   Why?  In my opinion it is a trigger so that we don’t forget those important moments.   This is so powerful to me that I make not of the songs that I last hear when driving from my playlist.  To me that is the universe telling me not to forget those moments.  However, these are not just moments form our youth.   The songs of your life make a soundtrack to your unique story.

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