Is Imagination Actually Memories?

Is Imagination Actually Memories?

Imagination is a curious thing.  Where does Imagination come from?  Why do individual imagination differ so greatly.  Where does the motivation come from for the artists, where do the plots come from for the author, and where do children get their wild ass ideas.

Have you ever considered that our imagination comes from distance past memories?  I know that is a wild concept but I find it fascinating.  What if the painter, the author and the children are bringing to light past memories, passed down from ancestors, past lives or divine implantation.

It is said that most of us only use 10% of our brains total power, what happens with the other 90%?  Could it be like a computers storage and shaving past memories downloaded from other sources or other lives?  Could we be more in the Matrix than we imagine?  Are we just batteries to carry on the memories?

Why if so, can some of the people tap into this imagination memory?  Are they allowed are they handed a special key to unlock their imagination?  Maybe, so what do you think might be locked away in your mind?  A great work of art, the amazing next novel, or maybe something much bigger?  Something for you to ponder.