A Simple Bowl of Rice


A Simple Bowl of Rice

It is crazy that a simple bowl of rice could save a life.  While we look at it as a garnish or a side to a better part of the meal.   Yet some people see it as a life safer a divider between hunger and survival.  Simple rice that costs us less than a dollar a bag could bring so much life and happiness to others that would view the rice as gold.

You see hunger doesn’t feed on the poor it is brought about by the rich.  When we have the means to purchase rice at what seems like a small amount to us we have the power to eliminate hunger, yet most of us don’t for pennies we could feed masses of people giving them life.  Yet if you really look it is the middle class that helps to feel the poor while most of the super rick sit back and watch like it is a game of chess.

Today is the day to pick up a pack of rice and say no more, I don’t care what you religion, nationality or what has happened to you in the past.  Today is the day to be a human being and to take care of the other human beings on our planet.  Together armed with a pack of rice we can all make a difference.