The Order of Meeting People


Many of us believe we are destined to meet the love of our life, this is a very romantic notion and one that many people trust in.  But what if the person we are destined to meet and become of the love of our life is hidden in a maze of a journey of meeting other people first?  Could there be a number of people we have to meet before we meet the love of our life?  Do we have to have a certain amount of relationships before we can find the relationship we so desire?  All amazing questions that might get your main racing around.

Take a friend or a lover and trace it back to how you met them.  Chances are you didn’t just meet them accidentally on the street.  It is far more likely that you can start tracing back to other people that introduced you to this person.  Think of that time when a friend might have said, “I have someone you should meet”. Sure that can all be coincidence but what if it is all a huge plan to get you where you need to be.  I think back to some of my best friends and how sometimes amazing things happened to help me meet them.  For instance one friend I was sat next to in Kindergarten class, why do you suppose my kindergarten teacher picked us to set together?  Do you really thing it was an accident.

This might seem like a fun game to play tracing back your friendships and relationships but it can also be a sad one as well.  You might start thinking of all the times you passed on a chance at meeting someone that would have been very special in your life.  Maybe by not going out with your buds on night long ago you missed your true soul mate.  We can look at this in both positive and negative ways, but I truly believe that you are given unlimited amount of chances to meet those special people.  I trust that those meetings you are suppose to happen in your life will happen at the right time.