Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head


Rain is always been given a bad rap, be it because of outdoor activities having to be canceled, when it rains most of us think of cold and gloomy days.  However there is so much more to rain and benefits it gives us that I think I just need to list a few.

List of good Things from Rain!

Makes thing grow

Great for sleeping

The Smell it Creates

Refreshing on a hot summers day

Washes away sidewalk chalk so new art can be made

Great for Ducks

Great for porch sitting and conversing

Makes puddles for kids and or adults to play in

Great time to watch a movie

Perfect for Intimacy

The list goes on and on, so the next time you get bummed because it is raining think of something you can do that will make the rain seem like a blessing, there are plenty of them to choose from.  This just goes to show you that no matter what happens you can put a positive spin on it.