Vibrate Your Frequency


We all vibrate, down to the very elements that make us up there is vibration.  That vibration is the song of life.  We resinate with those that vibrate similar vibrations as what we have in our bodies.  When we actually find true love our vibrations connect and create a combined vibration that is as powerful as anything.

Issue arise when we try to vary our own vibration to fit in with others.  Be it with friends, co-workers, or even people we think we are in love with.  Dulling down your vibration to fit with someone else’s vibration is one of the worst things you can do.  Yet we all have done it.  Personally I know I have done if before but now I know better.

Just because you might not vibrate on the same level as someone else doesn’t mean you should hate them, it’s just that together you don’t connect.  The simple solution to all this is to always try to let your true vibration out, when you can do that you will attract those that vibrate in a similar manner as yourself.

Vibrate on my Friends.