When the Game Changes

There are still days I wanna be Billy Idol Actually most of them.-3

Space Invaders changes the world of games forever.  All of the sudden we were thrust into a world of games contained on a video screen.  Space Invaders got the ball rolling and may seem simple by today’s games standards.  But it was a beginning and now we are seeing constant advancements in the world of video games.  It seems like the sky is the limit.

What if there was something that could to the same thing in our intimacy?  Well you are in luck.  The vision behind The Temple of Positive Energy also has a advanced degree in Metaphysical Sciences, with a specialization in Sacred Sexuality.  Thusly he has become the co-author of The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.  This is not just a book sharing different positions for sexual intimacy.  I has so much more inside it.  Like 10 new Sexy Challenges which are the direct creations of the author of The Temple of Positive Energy. Sexy Challenges allow couples to connect intimately in a very spiritual nature making each experience a experience that only the gods have know to this point.

If you are ready to change your thinking around intimacy and have more excitement and variety in your love life then this is the book for you you need to get this book.  Besides the Sexy Challenges and Positions you get more tips and ideas then you can imagine.  Over 360 pages of ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

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