Are Kids Evolving Faster Than Their Parents?


Something we need to take into account.  Kids now a days are using technology and adapting to technology much faster than their parents have been.  How soon will it be before our children are more evolved than us when they are born?  It make sound crazy but but I have witnessed children currently showing their parents and grandparents how to operate their computers and phones.

It seems as if children are getting closer and closer to being born with technical abilities. Will technology becomes part of our DNA to where we are just born with it?  What happens when they want to imbed a fetus with knowledge so that they can have a jump on the completion of this world.  Is this just part of human evolution and part of the plan God or our Aline Creators put us on from the beginning.

Are human destined to be like computers where they are outdated as soon as they are created?  Something to think about.