What Are You Putting Into Your Work?


What are you putting into your work?

We all have to put effort into your work, and some of us put more effort into than others.  But what if there was something more you could put into your work that might make it attract more positive results?

If you are a sports fan you know that just collecting all the best players doesn’t mean you are going to win!  There has to be chemistry between those players.  Chemistry such a funny word in this text, I would actually like to say energy instead of chemistry.   For example on a basketball them you need someone with scoring energy, someone with rebounding energy, others with assist making energy even people with energy to come off the bench and fill in different places on any given night.  When you have the right energy on the floor the team wins.

That same can work in business, when the team members have just the right energy together success happens.  So when hiring employees should the person doing the hiring consider the energy of the person and how well they will fit with the team?  I say yes.

So the question to you is what energy are you putting into your work.  If you run your own business well your energy has to be the dominate energy.  If you work on a team do you try to make your energy fit in the team? Something to think about as you travel to work the next time.