Fear No More



Some of the biggest regrets I have in my life is waiting.  Why did I wait?  Because I was scared, scared of the unknown, scared to try something new and that list goes on and on.  The bottom line is that fear stopped me from ever knowing what might have been.  When I learned that fear is just something in my mind and is not reality all things changed for me.  I started sharing the ideas that I thought would not be well received by others and you know what they were not well received by everyone, but they were well received by what I call my people.  My eyes were opened in an amazing way.

Now I look at fear differently instead of thinking fear is the thought of failure I find that fear is the rush of excitement of the unknown.  Now I am a fear junkie.

In The Theater Alone


On a recent weekend my son and I decided to go to the movies and to our surprise there was no one else in the theater besides us.  No one else ever came in during the entire length of the movie.

It was a strange and wonderful experience all at the same time.  So many thoughts ran through my head during this time.  Were we the only ones that thought this movies was worth a view?  Was something else going on that weekend where everyone else in the area was at?   Was this movie really bad?  Was it destined for us to see them movie alone?  and the list goes on and on.

No mater the reason it was a wonderful experience.  I felt like the actors were performing specifically for us, my son bounce from chair to chair and even watch some of the movie standing right in front of the screen.  We talked during the movie without keeping our voices lowered.  All this lead to great quality time for a father and son.

I did make sure to clean up our area before we left, after all the theater people would have known it was us if we had left a mess.  One thing I though about on our car ride home was you know sometimes it is okay to be alone.  For the times when my son was not sitting beside me  and I was sitting alone watching the movie I was at peace and it was a wonderful feeling.  Not that I want to be alone all the time but at times it feels pretty good.

A Very Spiritual Place



The Graveyard

If you can get past the Hollywood scare tactics of zombies and ghosts rising from the graves you will find the the graveyard is a very spiritual place.  The energy of love is flowing over the. top in these spots as many times a year a group of people come to pay the final message of earthy love to a loved one or friend.  While these people are sad that the person has moved on in their minds they are remembering all the great memories of that person.  So it is a spiritual place with balance where all the emotions come to embrace and dance with each other.  This makes the energy of the graveyard amazing.  Many feel this energy and think it is something dark or the dead reaching out to touch them.  In essence it is touch but a loving one from beyond this earthy state.

I encourage you to go walk in a graveyard sometime and read the headstones and pay homage to the energy that is there.  Only the bodies or vessels lay beneath your feet the soul and spirit are flying high along with all the love and compassion from those they have shared life with this souls and spirits.

Valentine’s Day = Love


Valentine’s Day is an expression of love.  Why we have to have a specific day to express loves baffles me.  Love is an on going process and shouldn’t be the focus of only February 14th.  Now typically Valentine’s Day is focused on romantic love with a partner you are intimate with or want to be intimate with.  There are so many types of love that should be enjoyed each and every day that should make Valentine’s Day see like just another day.  What about single people are they not suppose to enjoy Valentine’s Day and isn’t it really just a way to get us to spend money on things that are just suppose to be a material representation of love?

If you really want to do something special for your love on any day, give them an experience that creates a memory.  Take them to a special place, volunteer to help the less fortunate together, or even share something deeply personal with them.  Forget the cards, candy and flowers and give them something to remember.

Music and Movement


Music is a powerful force in our world but it is so associated with movement.  Now dance is the obvious factor that music has a affect upon.  But I think travel especially in a automobile is a concert waiting to happen.  I can’t imagine getting in the car and not having music on.  The longer the trip in the car the more important the music becomes to me.   The movement of the automobile and the sound of the music see to harmonies into a form of meditation for many.  Singing along with the song, tapping your hand on the steering wheel make the miles of the journey seem shorter.  Know that you are not alone if you perform in your car while the music is playing, it is one of the simple spices of life that make us feel great.  So sing on my friends and let the music move you.

One Kind Act


One kind act can have a change reaction that could change the world.  Have you ever thought about that a simple kind act you can perform might make an impact on a global scale?  Kind acts start a reaction and cause others to do similar acts.  So as someone sees you do the simplest of kind acts it encourages them to do something similar.  It can be something as simple as smiling at someone or stopping to help someone load their groceries into their car.

The ripple affect is powerful and is real.  It is too bad we can’t stand above and watch how it works but we have to trust that it does work.  Today and every day make it a challenge to do at least one act of kindness, then at the end of the day just let your mind wander and thing about how that ripple of kindness affected so many on that day.  It is a great way to start moving our planet towards a happier place.

Everyone Has Worth

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.47.35 AM

Everyone Has Worth

It is amazing how sometimes we overlook those that could help us the most.  Sometimes they are right in front of our faces and sometimes they are hidden right in plain sight.  Everyone has something they can add to your life from your family and children to the homeless person you pass on the street.  No human being is worthless and it hurts all of humanity if we think that anyone has no value in our society.  Next time you look past someone just because of their situation, change they way you think and look back in their direction and you might just find someone that can help you in the most unusual ways.

Sure there are people out there that have done wrong and even evil things but what let them to that place?  Maybe it was because someone just overlooked what worth they had to offer and pushed them over the edge.  Don’t let anyone feel invisible that is how we break hearts and spirits.


Great News I am The Center of The Universe


Great News I Am The Center of The Universe

I had an ex tell me once how much of a bad person was because I acted like the universe revolved around me.   This statement stuck with me for a long time and I wrested with it in my mind until I realized, that I am the center of the universe.

I am the center of my universe, and everything I do does center around me.  That doesn’t mean however that I am selfish, it just means that everything I do has a direct affect on myself.  The best part is that if you are my friend or someone I love that you get to reap the rewards of the energy of my universe.

So it gives me great pride to be the Center of my Universe.  As it should give you great pride in being the center of your universe and the the shining star for your friends, and your family.  The thing you have to remember is that those that try to make you feel bad about being the center of your universe are the ones that are afraid that your energy shines brighter than theirs.

Shine on my friends and I will Shine on for you As Well.

The Crossroads

Have you ever been at a crossroad where you have to make a decision? It could be about life, your career, love or even what toppings to order on your pizza. It would be easy to make the decision if we knew the outcome. So many are paralized to make a choice in fear of choosing the wrong one. Have you ever thought that both choices might be correct? Maybe it isn’t the choice itself but the way we embrace it. It has come to me that the only wrong choice is second guessing the choice you have made.

Peace and Love to you all! Rob

Anchors, Good or Bad


Anchors can be good and bad

When we think of anchors we often them of them as a necessity to make sure we stay grounded.  But anchors also tie us down to a location so there is a double meaning to them depending on your few point.   Not that either is wrong but it seems that both can’t be right for everyone.  So which type of anchor person are you.

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