Everyone Wants to Travel

The First Step to Travel Get a Passport and set it where you have to see it every single day!

A good majority of people that I talk to say that travel is one of the biggest desires.  Yet it is crazy how many people don’t travel when they desire travel.  I understand that there is always a financial aspect to travel.  That makes it hard for someone to travel to the fantastic places around the world.  However, I bet there are countless fantastic places that are within a gas tanks ride from the place you live.  Sure they might not be the great Pyramids, Machu Picchu, or the Roman Coliseum, but they are unique and exciting in their own rights.  We have to get out of the mindset that we have to see all the major tourist attractions in the world and release that their is beauty all over this wonderful world.

Start a savings fund for travel and even if it is just for that tank of gas to visit a place a couple hours from you home you will start your travel adventure.  My suggestion above is to get your passport if you don’t have one.  Now set that passport out in your home so you see it everyday.  This will help you keep travel to the forefront of your mind and keep you focused on saving for travel.  You will be amazed that after time how imbedded in your mind travel will be with this process.

Finally I would love to hear about amazing places near your home.  I am always on the look out for new and interesting places to visit on my travels.  Just recently I went to a grave yard where supposedly an alien was buried in the early 1900’s and I loved the adventure.  So you see travel is just getting to see a new place and it doesn’t mater if it is 1000 miles from your house or 10 miles, the adventure begins when you step out the door.


Are We Intelligent?

Can we even consider ourselves Intelligent life? Look at what we are doing to our own planet.

There are so many thing that I feel we are super intelligent on but then I look at what humans do in other aspects and see a dim witted bunch of idiots.

For example our technology is moving forward so fast and we can do things we couldn’t even dream about when I was a child.  But then I look at how Tesla was treated and I wonder how much farther along we could be had we treated his ideas like the pure genius they were.  Greed and Power seem to be two ways the humans are complete idiots and I am not sure how this was imbedded in our mentality.

Next look at look at what we are doing to this wonderful planet we live upon.  A place of supreme beauty and yet every day we destroy a little bit of that beauty.  Yes I know we want amazing stuff and our desires dictate many things.  But when do we stop and say let’s figure out better ways then destroying our home.

In closing I just want to reach out and hug all of you and say together we can make progress and reverse our own idiot doings.  We are starting to see this happen already efforts are being made to remove trash from our oceans, pollution from our air and to grow food that is healthy for us again.  We have got a long way to go but I truly feel we are not idiots and that together our intelligence is actually well and growing.

Armor Not Really for Protectiong

Armor protection.jpg

It was always thought throughout history that armor was to protect us, and maybe at one point in history that was true.  However, today that armor we put up to protect ourselves is more about hiding than being brave.  We all have defenses that we use to protect ourselves but those defenses are holding in more amazing powerful light than they are keeping evil out.

We have all worn masks or helmets if you will to protect our true self from getting hurt.  Yet, by doing this we are withholding the beauty of ourself from the world.  We were put on this planet to shine our light not to keep it locked away under a suit of protective armor.   When we let our defenses down in life that is when the true beauty is allowed to happen.  Sure we are going to get hurt from time to time that is unavoidable.

The bravest warriors understand that they will get hurt.  In this day and age we most often are protecting ourselves emotionally.  Dodging the slings and arrows of hurtful words and feelings.   The pain of these are great but the modern warriors continue to allow their inner light to shine and not be held within via their armor.

I have just knighted you all now I wish for you to shine in all your glory and help this world understand how amazing what you have to share truly is.

The Path Your Seek is Seeking You

You have found your place

You must know that while you believe you are seeking a path to travel it is actually the path that is seeking you.  You have been presented with choices that lead you to exactly where you need to be.  While these choice might have been seen as wrong ones in the past, your path knew exactly what you were doing and made adjustments to get you back on track.  It is by no coincidence that you have found The Temple of Positive Energy  your path has been leading you hear all the time.

And you know the reason why….


Is All Art Meant To Last?


Some of the greatest art work ever done has been done with sidewalk chalk by young children.  No this art isn’t hanging in a museum or in a mansion somewhere but it has more value than those other pieces put together.  It is pure unfiltered imagination.  and hope.

While this art will never last and by design it is not meant to last.  They are beautiful in creating and in destruction.   For when you can be beautiful in creating and in death you have masted something amazing.

A Simple Bowl of Rice


A Simple Bowl of Rice

It is crazy that a simple bowl of rice could save a life.  While we look at it as a garnish or a side to a better part of the meal.   Yet some people see it as a life safer a divider between hunger and survival.  Simple rice that costs us less than a dollar a bag could bring so much life and happiness to others that would view the rice as gold.

You see hunger doesn’t feed on the poor it is brought about by the rich.  When we have the means to purchase rice at what seems like a small amount to us we have the power to eliminate hunger, yet most of us don’t for pennies we could feed masses of people giving them life.  Yet if you really look it is the middle class that helps to feel the poor while most of the super rick sit back and watch like it is a game of chess.

Today is the day to pick up a pack of rice and say no more, I don’t care what you religion, nationality or what has happened to you in the past.  Today is the day to be a human being and to take care of the other human beings on our planet.  Together armed with a pack of rice we can all make a difference.

Is Imagination Actually Memories?

Is Imagination Actually Memories?

Imagination is a curious thing.  Where does Imagination come from?  Why do individual imagination differ so greatly.  Where does the motivation come from for the artists, where do the plots come from for the author, and where do children get their wild ass ideas.

Have you ever considered that our imagination comes from distance past memories?  I know that is a wild concept but I find it fascinating.  What if the painter, the author and the children are bringing to light past memories, passed down from ancestors, past lives or divine implantation.

It is said that most of us only use 10% of our brains total power, what happens with the other 90%?  Could it be like a computers storage and shaving past memories downloaded from other sources or other lives?  Could we be more in the Matrix than we imagine?  Are we just batteries to carry on the memories?

Why if so, can some of the people tap into this imagination memory?  Are they allowed are they handed a special key to unlock their imagination?  Maybe, so what do you think might be locked away in your mind?  A great work of art, the amazing next novel, or maybe something much bigger?  Something for you to ponder.