The Simple Complex Bubble


Have you ever though about how amazing bubbles are?  Sure they might seem to be a simple kids fun summer experiences.  Each bubble holds some amazing energy to take shape and form the spheres of thin soap that mesmerize us.  Watching them float around with the wind with what seems like no care in the world. Until they touch something the the energy is released with an explosion of the most delicate kind.

Have you ever let a bubble pop on your skin?  Feeling the energy as is explodes upon you without hurting you and feeling wonderful and exciting.  There is really nothing like this as the bubble transfers it’s energy into you.  While everything is energy bubbles seem to have a special place in our world.  I hope you get the chance to experience this wonder of the universe, it will help you see how many wonderful things happen every single day that we take for granted.


Are Kids Evolving Faster Than Their Parents?


Something we need to take into account.  Kids now a days are using technology and adapting to technology much faster than their parents have been.  How soon will it be before our children are more evolved than us when they are born?  It make sound crazy but but I have witnessed children currently showing their parents and grandparents how to operate their computers and phones.

It seems as if children are getting closer and closer to being born with technical abilities. Will technology becomes part of our DNA to where we are just born with it?  What happens when they want to imbed a fetus with knowledge so that they can have a jump on the completion of this world.  Is this just part of human evolution and part of the plan God or our Aline Creators put us on from the beginning.

Are human destined to be like computers where they are outdated as soon as they are created?  Something to think about.

Destruction Brings Creation


Destruction sounds very bad as it first hits your ears but destruction brings about creation.  As silly as it seems sometime we need the destruction in our life to build upon. While we don’t want people or animals to get hurt in the destruction sometimes the overall good is what the earth needs.

Take for example when a volcano erupts the heat and lava can destroy anything in its path.  Yet when the lava cools it can from new land and even create new tropical paradises such as it did in the Hawaiian Islands.  I also got to witness the fires in Colorado that destroyed so many trees and vegetation but when it started to grow again it came in more lush and more green than ever.

We cannot control nature so we have to appreciate when nature destroys that it will rebuild and make the planet better.  Now if we can get people to stop destroying the planet because they don’t rebuild it.

Getting Close To The Edge


Getting Close to the Edge is sometimes required to see the true beauty of the view.  Not only in the beauty of nature but in your journey of life.  So often people stay away from the edge for fear of falling and by doing that they miss out on the most important chance in your lifetime.

Now I am not saying to be dangerous and go stand on the edge of an unstable cliff.  What I am saying is to take some chances because you never know where those chances can lead.  We do need make choices in our life and often we don’t do that that is where the danger lies, not in make the wrong decision but in not making a decision and letting things start status quo to the point of becoming boring.


The Exercise of Laughter


Laugher, you might think it is just something we do as a reaction to something we few as funny.  What you might not know is that laugher is vital to our existence.  We know that we need food, shelter, water, love, and companionship but I am going to tell you we need laughter as well.

Take a moment and think about the people you know and I can bet you that the ones you know that laugh the most are the ones that look and seem the youngest.  It is because laugher is good for our soul.  Those that don’t experience laugher get old and crusty at a much quicker rate than those that experience laugher on a regular basis.

So if you want to stay young then just laugh more.  Don’t take life so seriously or your are not going to get out of it what you are suppose to.

When the Game Changes

There are still days I wanna be Billy Idol Actually most of them.-3

Space Invaders changes the world of games forever.  All of the sudden we were thrust into a world of games contained on a video screen.  Space Invaders got the ball rolling and may seem simple by today’s games standards.  But it was a beginning and now we are seeing constant advancements in the world of video games.  It seems like the sky is the limit.

What if there was something that could to the same thing in our intimacy?  Well you are in luck.  The vision behind The Temple of Positive Energy also has a advanced degree in Metaphysical Sciences, with a specialization in Sacred Sexuality.  Thusly he has become the co-author of The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.  This is not just a book sharing different positions for sexual intimacy.  I has so much more inside it.  Like 10 new Sexy Challenges which are the direct creations of the author of The Temple of Positive Energy. Sexy Challenges allow couples to connect intimately in a very spiritual nature making each experience a experience that only the gods have know to this point.

If you are ready to change your thinking around intimacy and have more excitement and variety in your love life then this is the book for you you need to get this book.  Besides the Sexy Challenges and Positions you get more tips and ideas then you can imagine.  Over 360 pages of ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

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Vibrate Your Frequency


We all vibrate, down to the very elements that make us up there is vibration.  That vibration is the song of life.  We resinate with those that vibrate similar vibrations as what we have in our bodies.  When we actually find true love our vibrations connect and create a combined vibration that is as powerful as anything.

Issue arise when we try to vary our own vibration to fit in with others.  Be it with friends, co-workers, or even people we think we are in love with.  Dulling down your vibration to fit with someone else’s vibration is one of the worst things you can do.  Yet we all have done it.  Personally I know I have done if before but now I know better.

Just because you might not vibrate on the same level as someone else doesn’t mean you should hate them, it’s just that together you don’t connect.  The simple solution to all this is to always try to let your true vibration out, when you can do that you will attract those that vibrate in a similar manner as yourself.

Vibrate on my Friends.