Great News I am The Center of The Universe


Great News I Am The Center of The Universe

I had an ex tell me once how much of a bad person was because I acted like the universe revolved around me.   This statement stuck with me for a long time and I wrested with it in my mind until I realized, that I am the center of the universe.

I am the center of my universe, and everything I do does center around me.  That doesn’t mean however that I am selfish, it just means that everything I do has a direct affect on myself.  The best part is that if you are my friend or someone I love that you get to reap the rewards of the energy of my universe.

So it gives me great pride to be the Center of my Universe.  As it should give you great pride in being the center of your universe and the the shining star for your friends, and your family.  The thing you have to remember is that those that try to make you feel bad about being the center of your universe are the ones that are afraid that your energy shines brighter than theirs.

Shine on my friends and I will Shine on for you As Well.

The Crossroads

Have you ever been at a crossroad where you have to make a decision? It could be about life, your career, love or even what toppings to order on your pizza. It would be easy to make the decision if we knew the outcome. So many are paralized to make a choice in fear of choosing the wrong one. Have you ever thought that both choices might be correct? Maybe it isn’t the choice itself but the way we embrace it. It has come to me that the only wrong choice is second guessing the choice you have made.

Peace and Love to you all! Rob

Anchors, Good or Bad


Anchors can be good and bad

When we think of anchors we often them of them as a necessity to make sure we stay grounded.  But anchors also tie us down to a location so there is a double meaning to them depending on your few point.   Not that either is wrong but it seems that both can’t be right for everyone.  So which type of anchor person are you.

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Show General Love


Show Some Love

You know you don’t have to only show love to an intimate partner or your family.  You can show love to the world in general in easy ways.  Take for instance the picture above The gentleman is helping people feel love even though he doesn’t know them personally. What can you do to show love to the entire world.  Maybe you could draw a heart somewhere like the picture.  You could also just do some good deeds without anyone knowing to share the love.  Just being kind to others is the best way.  The possibilities are limitless so challenge yourself to some some love.

What Are You Putting Into Your Work?


What are you putting into your work?

We all have to put effort into your work, and some of us put more effort into than others.  But what if there was something more you could put into your work that might make it attract more positive results?

If you are a sports fan you know that just collecting all the best players doesn’t mean you are going to win!  There has to be chemistry between those players.  Chemistry such a funny word in this text, I would actually like to say energy instead of chemistry.   For example on a basketball them you need someone with scoring energy, someone with rebounding energy, others with assist making energy even people with energy to come off the bench and fill in different places on any given night.  When you have the right energy on the floor the team wins.

That same can work in business, when the team members have just the right energy together success happens.  So when hiring employees should the person doing the hiring consider the energy of the person and how well they will fit with the team?  I say yes.

So the question to you is what energy are you putting into your work.  If you run your own business well your energy has to be the dominate energy.  If you work on a team do you try to make your energy fit in the team? Something to think about as you travel to work the next time.

The Simple Complex Bubble


Have you ever though about how amazing bubbles are?  Sure they might seem to be a simple kids fun summer experiences.  Each bubble holds some amazing energy to take shape and form the spheres of thin soap that mesmerize us.  Watching them float around with the wind with what seems like no care in the world. Until they touch something the the energy is released with an explosion of the most delicate kind.

Have you ever let a bubble pop on your skin?  Feeling the energy as is explodes upon you without hurting you and feeling wonderful and exciting.  There is really nothing like this as the bubble transfers it’s energy into you.  While everything is energy bubbles seem to have a special place in our world.  I hope you get the chance to experience this wonder of the universe, it will help you see how many wonderful things happen every single day that we take for granted.

Are Kids Evolving Faster Than Their Parents?


Something we need to take into account.  Kids now a days are using technology and adapting to technology much faster than their parents have been.  How soon will it be before our children are more evolved than us when they are born?  It make sound crazy but but I have witnessed children currently showing their parents and grandparents how to operate their computers and phones.

It seems as if children are getting closer and closer to being born with technical abilities. Will technology becomes part of our DNA to where we are just born with it?  What happens when they want to imbed a fetus with knowledge so that they can have a jump on the completion of this world.  Is this just part of human evolution and part of the plan God or our Aline Creators put us on from the beginning.

Are human destined to be like computers where they are outdated as soon as they are created?  Something to think about.