Valentine’s Day = Love


Valentine’s Day is an expression of love.  Why we have to have a specific day to express loves baffles me.  Love is an on going process and shouldn’t be the focus of only February 14th.  Now typically Valentine’s Day is focused on romantic love with a partner you are intimate with or want to be intimate with.  There are so many types of love that should be enjoyed each and every day that should make Valentine’s Day see like just another day.  What about single people are they not suppose to enjoy Valentine’s Day and isn’t it really just a way to get us to spend money on things that are just suppose to be a material representation of love?

If you really want to do something special for your love on any day, give them an experience that creates a memory.  Take them to a special place, volunteer to help the less fortunate together, or even share something deeply personal with them.  Forget the cards, candy and flowers and give them something to remember.